About Us

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Epsilon Instruments LLC (EIl) is a government authorized USA reseller. We distribute and manufacture. We have been supplying the following products made in US worldwide.

1. Water monitoring Instrument
2. Gas detectors
3. Health and Safety instruments
4. Soil testing and sampling equipment
5. Valves, sensor, tools and accessories…..

We also carry other lines according to the customer’s requirement. If you did find what you want, email us. We will back to you ASAP.
We only sell BRAND NEW ITEMS!


  • Prompt and efficient handling of inquiries and orders
  • Experienced in prepare of export documents and knowledge of export rules
  • Supplying USA brand products for many industries, the broadest selection of the latest environmental monitoring, sampling and field equipment

Please feel free to contact us with any quotation or questions you may have. We will back to you soon.

We have the most competitive price in US on above major products!!!