YSI 58-230V


Brand: YSI
Part #069179

YSI 58-230V
Oxygen Instrument-230V,
Portable Dissolved Oxygen Instrument
The 58 is the “Longest lasting DO meter known to mankind.”

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The YSI 58 is a proven field and laboratory instrument. The 58 displays oxygen concentrations in two temperature-compensated modes. The instrument offers manual salinity correction, recorder output, and operation from line power or batteries. The case also holds additional batteries for an optional DO field stirrer.

  • Portable
  • Lab and Field
  • Rugged
  • Works with a variety of YSI probes

Instrument comes in 115V or 230V power supply,must purchase probe. The model 58 can be used with 5239, 5718, 5905, 5750, 5740 cable with 5739 probe.



Equipment used with  5718, 5905, 5750, 5239, 5740 cable with 5739  probe.
Measurement Range  Dissolved Oxygen: + 0.5% of reading, + 2 least  significant digits (in the 0.01 mg/L mode),  Salinity: 0.0 to 40.0 ppt
Multiparameter  Yes
Operating Temperature  0 to +45 °C
Parameters Measured  Dissolved Oxygen, Salinity
Power  4 D-size Alkaline Batteries (included).  Approximately 1000 hours operation from each  new set of batteries. Low battery indicator  signal (LOBAT) appears automatically when  approximately 50 hours of battery life remain.
Sampling  Yes
Storage Temperature  0 to +45 °C
Unit of Measure  Dissolved Oxygen: mg/L, Salinity: ppt, % air  saturation
Warranty  2-year instrument
Waterproof  every case opening is splash resistant.,
BATT ELIM and STIRRER receptacles capped,  With RECORDER OUT



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