YSI Pro2030


Brand: YSI
Part #6052030

YSI Pro2030
Dissolved Oxygen/Conductivity/Salinity
Temperature Handheld

The Pro2030 provides everything you need in a handheld dissolved oxygen meter that automatically compensates for changes in salinity values. Rugged, simple and reliable. Measure DO, salinity, conductivity, specific conductance, TDS, barometric pressure and temperature.

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User-replaceable sensors and cables and convenient Quick Cal feature makes it extremely user friendly. Mil-spec (military spec) connectors, IP-67 waterproof and rubber over molded case, and 1-meter drop tests ensure the instrument remains in your hands to provide years of sampling even in the harshest field conditions. The feature set of the Pro2030 results in a low total cost of ownership over the life of the product and proves that it is smarter, tougher, and more versatile.



 Certifications  IP-67, RoHS, CE, 1-meter drop test, WEEE, Assembled in USA
 Connector  MS (military spec) waterproof with bayonet lock
 Digital / Digital Sensors  Analog
 Equipment used with  ProSeries 2030-x cables
 Graphic Display  backlit display AND keypad, Graphic display with detailed
 Languages  Spanish, German, French, English
 Logging Capabilities  Single
 Measurement Range  Dissolved Oxygen % air saturation- 0 to 500% air saturation  Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)-0 to 50 mg/L Conductivity-0 to 200  mS/cm Salinity-0 to 70 ppt Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)-0 to  100 g/L TDS constant range .30 to 1.00 (.65 default)  Temperature–5 to 55°C Barometer-500 to 800 mmHg
 Memory  50 data sets
 Multiparameter  Yes
 Parameters Measured  Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Salinity, Total Dissolved  Solids (TDS), Temperature, Barometer
 Power  2 alkaline C-cells provide 400 continuous hours at ambient  temperature without backlight
 Sampling  Yes
 Unit of Measure  Dissolved Oxygen-% air saturation, Conductivity-mS./cm,  Temperature-°C, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)-g/L,
Barometer- mmHg, mg/L, Salinity-ppt
 User Calibratable  Yes
 User Replaceable  Yes
 Warranty  3-year instrument; 2-year field cables, 1-year Polarographic  sensors, 6-months Galvanic
 Waterproof  IP-67 (even with the battery cover off), floats


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